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Do you consider yourself an expert in your industry? Do you like to educate an audience on your field of expertise? Can you write a piece of content that doesn’t put everyone on the Internet to sleep?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you should really consider becoming a guest blogger for KZNWIB. We want to grow our blog to be a real resource for our members, the KZN business community and the greater community of women entrepreneurs. To do this, we need unique, engaging and relevant content from authors in a variety of fields.

Why should I write blogs for the KZNWIB website?

Yes, we know that we have to answer the all important question, “What’s in it for me?”

  • Demonstrate your expertise in your field to a wide audience. Nothing screams credibility than being a published author on a well trafficked and reputable website.
  • We will link your blog post back to your website. If you don’t know anything about SEO, read this blog post about why links are so important in how Google ranks your website. So links from our site – which are high value, single direction links – are good for your website!
  • Each article that is published on the site will also be posted to our Facebook Page, so you will get even more exposure.
  • We will be choosing one article per month to go into our newsletter, and this increases the reach of your article even further!

How Do I Become A Guest Blogger?

If you have an article you would like us to publish, please email the article (in Word format), a headshot of yourself and an 80 word bio to [email protected]. If you would like to include images to be used in the article, then please do. However, please make sure that you have the right to use those images – do not just copy and paste images from a Google search!

Each article that is submitted will be assessed by our Chairperson, Vice-Chair and Administrator to ensure that the content is valuable, unique and relevant. This will include a Google search to make sure that this article doesn’t appear anywhere else!

Once your article is approved, our web team will publish the article under your name, and send you a link to the live post.

What are you waiting for, get writing!




Mel Gard

Digital Marketing Consultant
WSI Durban

Mel Gard is a Digital Marketing Consultant and co-owns the WSI office in Durban, South Africa. She specialises in Google Adwords, Google Analytics and data analysis. She is very active in the business community and mentors other female entrepreneurs.

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