Mel Gard – WSI Durban

Mel Gard

We all know that starting any new business can be a challenge and when I started my new business 6 months ago, Mel & Nick Gard of WSI Durban welcomed me into the Internet Marketing fold with open arms and have not only given me invaluable advice, feedback and support over the months of growing and refining my service offering, pricing, etc. but have been extremely generous in referring me to clients of theirs and contracting me to do work for the clients on their behalf giving me a much needed kick start in my business infancy!

Mel is a shining example of what networking is all about and doesn’t hesitate to pass valuable leads around expecting nothing in return.

I hope over time to be able to refer as much business in her direction as she has been so kind to refer in my direction.


Testimonial by :
Chantal Edouard-Betsy
Cooked Media
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