Shehnaaz Kolia – Certified Body Talk Practitioner

With the stress of starting up a new company, a child starting school and a heartbreak (yes I’m a woman I feel) I met eyes with Shehnaaz Kolia at the KZN Woman in Business Meeting – a certified Body Talk Practitioner.

In order to be successful as a woman, an emotional, mental and physical balance is crucial so that we may perform at our ultimate capacity. Juggling life, family and the demands of a job can become utterly exhausting and dishes seem to be the last damn we give.

With that being said, I requested an immediate appointment with Shehnaaz – IT WAS MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING – I can’t give you the nitty gritty details of the power I had regained after just ONE session, but what I can tell you is that I suddenly found myself back in a balanced and detoxed state within my centre.

I cannot thank her enough and had to mention how awesomely gifted to heal this woman is – her card reads:

Shehnaaz Kolia
Certified Body Talk Practitioner
076 026 8015

Testimonial by :
Shamimah Koya
V Telecoms
[email protected]

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