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Basically – Almost 8 years ago, I had a car accident, which caused severe nerve damage. After several operations, visiting every type of doctor, physio, biokinetics, etc, trying out alsorts of different forms of treatment from acupuncture to laser. Being told I would lose use of my right hand/arm. Having suffered daily pain and frustration. I was yet again told to go and have another operation – a back operation – as the pain was worsening. I refused this operation and went – with the help of several knowledgeable people – searching for what natural way I could repair my body. In my search I chatted to Jocelyn from Jocelyn Joan Studio and thought I would try her training methods out. She has slowly nurtured me and been patient with me and adapting the exercise programme to my personal ability, strength and weakness. Checked and adjusted my eating plan. After 2 months of twice a week training, my body & core have strengthened dramatically. A simple thing such as getting out of bed is now easy. I used have to roll and then use my arms to help me up. Now my back has the strength to do this. From trying to plank at not even 5 secs to now being on 45 seconds is amazing to say the least. I will never be pain free, but I wont have to go for this back operation and I am off pain killers unless really necessary. Jocelyn is patient, compassionate and attends to your personal needs, she has a wealth of knowledge behind her. Thank you Jocelyn by next year I will be planking for two minutes.

Nadia Williams

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Nadia Williams

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