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Lauren Lister
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Lauren Lister
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Working remotely from Durban North
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Hello! My name is Lauren and I love it when a plan comes together.

As a freelance Virtual Assistant, I have the privilege of supporting coaches, consultants and small business owners with a variety of tasks from Planning and Management for Projects and Events, Content Creation, Proofreading and Minor Editing, Admin, Processes and Operations.

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With over 15 years of combined experience employed in Corporate, Hospitality, Events, and Training, I started my freelance business in 2018 and have been striving forward ever since.

Kindness is everything to me and I pride myself on being an empathetic person who plays well with others. I am friendly and adaptable, and the people in my life know they can rely on me to be honest and open-minded. As an eternal optimist and a good listener with a practical outlook on the world around me, I have developed the ability to pause and look at things from different perspectives.

So, how can I help?

You can benefit from outsourcing tasks you don't know how to do, or maybe you just don’t like doing them. Delegating will free up your time to focus on your goals and the parts of your business that feed your soul - or maybe you want to attend more school events or try that cooking class you've been drooling over.

Insert shameless self-promotion: As a tech-loving VA, I pride myself on working smart so that the time spent on my client work is efficiently managed, with the goal being to provide as much value as possible in the time and scope agreed. I have worked with local and international clients in various sectors and have taken every opportunity to learn and develop my skill set.

Here are a few areas that I can support you with:
📅 Planning, coordination and management for one-off tasks, projects, and events.
🤩 Content creation and account/scheduling management (e.g.: social media, blogs, email newsletters, digital flyers, updating website copy and images etc.)
🦉 Proofreading and minor editing
⏳ Day-to-day admin support (e.g.: document creation/formatting, processes and operations, scheduling, CRM maintenance/management etc.)

If you're enthusiastic and passionate about what you do and need help to get cracking on those dreams for your business, then let me do what I do.
⭐ Let's convert your chaos into coordinated action ⭐

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