Chairlady’s Musings: Money, Money, Money!

“The world will become a much better place when more women prosper financially and are financially independent, including you!” – Denise Duffield-Thomas

I have a question for you? How often do you discuss money with your friends, your family, your kids or in casual conversation. It is said that people will much rather discuss topics of politics, sex and religion than talk about money. Considering we spent our entire lives working for, spending, saving and enjoying (or fearing) money, it is a subject that is rather taboo. The emotional connotations to money and our money situations have made it a very touchy subject.

I read recently “how you do money, is how you do life” – which was a very interesting way of thinking of money.

What are your memories growing up around money?

What is your mindset around money?

What are your money dreams?

It’s time to make discussing money commonplace. We should talk to our friends about handling, saving, and investing money; we should instil sound financial habits in our kids at a young age; and we should feel comfortable bringing up the subject of money in general discussion.

The more we speak openly about all things money the more comfortable we will become; it will be more normal.

My money memories are around scarcity – “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. “Do you think we are the Oppenheimers (yes, I am told that!) “There is no money!” “Money is the root of all evil” etc.

I have spent the last 2 years working on my money mindset and boy oh boy has some interesting stuff come up! It is a work in progress, but it has showed me what an impact my money mindset has on my financial situation. I did not realize what massive impact the following have on my overall money attitude:

Upbringing, parent’s beliefs, religious upbringing, school, general culture, country of residence, area of residence, profession (s) etc – each one another layer of the onion to peel back and inspect and work on.

I encourage you to talk about money more. Talk savings and investing. Talk earnings. Talk about worth.

We need to become comfortable with money and having money conversations.

Tell me some of the money stories you’ve heard growing up?