Business Profile: Mela Arnold

Mela Arnold
  1. What is the name of your business and what is your role? Action Coach iNala – Business Development Manager
  2. Describe your business in two sentences. We are a firm of professional, dedicated business & executive coaches.  We enable business owners and senior executives to propel their businesses into long-term sustainable enterprise.
  3. How long have you been in business? This year is Action Coach’s 30th Anniversary, our specific Franchise is more than 11 years old. 
  4. How did you get into this business? The franchise was looking for a dynamic business development manager who was well connected with extensive experience in building relationships. They wanted someone with a genuine passion for fostering meaningful connections and facilitating growth. At that exact time I was looking for a new challenge, where I could combine my transformational coaching, business networking, marketing & relationship building skills to make a difference, so we aligned & the rest is history. 
  5. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it? Getting Business Owners out of their busy schedule to work on their business. Helping business owners to understand the difference between urgent & important. 
  6. What single trait/skill could you not have succeeded without? Resilience -the capacity to withstand difficulties,  to recovery quickly, identifying the lessons learnt, & come out stronger & to be able to openly share my experiences to help others grow. 
  7. What is the best business advice you’ve received? You can only improve on things that you action. You may have heard, or be familiar with something, but until you are actively doing it, you don’t actually know it. 
  8. Your secret to business success is? Come in for a complimentary strategy session &  we will share these secrets with you,  as that is what we coach.
  9. What is your business goal for 2023? The ActionCOACH vision is that we strive to create world abundance through business re-education. & our iNala franchise vision is to contribute to the growth of our nation by significantly impacting employment in South Africa through profitable & sustainable private enterprise. So our yearly goals always revolve around  positively impacting as many business owners & their businesses as possible.
  10. Tell us one thing that not many people know about you? I have been blessed to have travelled to over 52 countries & have lived in 4 different countries – South Africa , Italy , Romania & the UK.