Celebrating Father’s Day



Nicci Hosking


I think it is safe to say, that I have and always will be a ‘daddy’s girl’. I think it is our similar personalities and dry sense of humor that makes our bond so strong. My dad is such an inspiration to me and is my absolute hero. I am truly blessed and thankful to have him in my life. Happy Father’s Day Dad. I love you.



Scott is my soul mate, love of my life, best friend and my everything. He spoils me every day with little acts of love that never go unnoticed and is my pillar of strength when I need to just decompress or blow off steam after a bad day.  He is such an amazing father to our beautiful daughter Lilly and new-born son Hudson, watching them together just makes my heart explode with love.


Emma Jacobs

A tribute to my Nic

Westville B&B is an owner-run establishment and my husband Nic is truly the backbone to our business.

From waking me up in the morning with a cup of tea, to cooking the breakfast, doing our payments and books, staffing schedules, IT systems, and supervising Grounds Staff, he does so much of the “thankless” and out-of-the limelight stuff that makes Westville B&B great. He even makes a fantastic oxtail and more importantly, always makes sure I have plenty of chilled wine.

Happy Father’s Day my Love!




The chief honcho in the middle is my Papa, Pete. He has instilled great sense of courage, capacity and community in me. The tall and handsome ‘Jack and Jones’ champion to the left of me is my awesome husband, Athol. He is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, servant hearted men I have ever met and I am so privileged to share my life with him! (and he is a brilliant cook which is such a saving grace for our family, cos let’s face it, he never married me for my cooking!!) The guy to my right is my brother in law, Garrith, who keeps me humble and has a wildly quirky sense of humour! And the little dude in the front row, is our boy Joshua and his dog Diego, he is a quietly confident dancerator, insectologist, adventurer, prayer warrior and sweet little gentleman. I would like to thank each of them for the significant role they play in my life, to shape and mould me into more of who I am destined to be!




My hubby Noel

My hubby (Noel) is the best dad any child could ask for. I’ve never seen a guy fight so much to have his kids be a part of his life. He always goes above and beyond for them ensuring they have and need everything. He is really their super hero!




You’re the man who makes me happy!

The one who makes our children happy!

You’re a great husband, great father, great business partner and a great man!

I love you dearly! Thank you for being my support, my guide, my inspiration and my strength for the past 22 years.

All my Love





My Papa taught me so much about working hard for your dreams, he built up his sugarcane and timber farm into a major avocado growing and exporting business. He tried many different crops until he found the one that worked best. He did what he felt right, even though others didn’t always agree with his big ideas. I appreciate him installing the same work ethic and passion in me for my business. Getting me up at 4:30 am durng my school holidays to pick avos or burn sugarcane, was the best thing he could have done for me. Danke Meinem Papa!


My Warren, my love, my best friend, my dance-partner in life. I’m so proud of every one of Warren’s accomplishments on and off the dance floor. His passion for everything he does is infectious, and I love when he shares all his brilliant ideas with me, and especially when we get to work on something together. Our lives are so different to the norm, and yet we make it work because of our passion for dance and each other. Thank you my love for sharing this life with me.

Lesley Forbes


My husband

After 23 years of being with my husband (17 of those being married, 15 of those with kids!), I honestly never would have thought that he could still surprise me, or still make my heart beat faster, or that I would still miss him when we are apart, and despite having those moments when I could gently smother him with a pillow, I know with the same intensity that I know I won’t get through the morning without my coffee, that I would not – could not – do this life with any other person on this planet.


We met when life was easy – ‘Varsity days. Together we studied and partied, chose careers, started careers, started lives, started chapters, closed chapters. We went through all the “firsts” together – tough times, fun times, amazing times, magical times. We fought as hard as we loved. We discovered who we were, and we grew together. The main thing our relationship was built on, if you take away the passion, the laughter, the quiet moments of love,  was a mutual support of one another. Every step of each other’s careers – we had each other’s backs. We chose different paths, Warren chose corporate, and is an incredible hot shot success as an Investment Manager. When my path had to change – a difficult twin pregnancy forced my career to stop and change direction – my husband took the reins and was there to support me in whatever direction I chose. And that support has never stopped.


The last few years have been particularly difficult for us as a family, but especially for us as a married couple. My health has taken a downward spiral and it has taken every ounce of strength and energy for us to live a normal life, while spending a ridiculous amount of time in the Emergency Room, and in Hospitals in general. And this is where my husband has once again floored me. He has been there, every single step of the way. Holding my hand. Stroking my hair. Talking to doctors so that I don’t have to. Holding me when I needed to be held, and telling me we can get through anything. He has sat by my side, no matter how exhausted he is, uncomplaining, and has picked up way more than his share of the slack at home. This year he gave me the biggest gift of all – time to heal. His love and support is and has been unwavering in every single aspect of my life. From my career, our kids, giving me the chance to stay at home with them when they were little, supporting me when I went back to work, and backing me one hundred percent when I chose to go on my own with Forbes Consulting. This precious gift of time he has given me this year means my career goes on hold again, but for such a good cause, and I am so grateful to my husband for knowing me so well. I am so grateful for his endless love and the depth of support, that he knew when to draw the line and when to carry me over it. I could not, and would not, do this life with anyone else. In my eyes, there is no stronger man, no kinder, more generous, more passionate, intelligent, or caring man, than my husband, Warren Alistair Forbes, and I am so grateful that we get to share this journey together.



My Vince

Having been raised by a single mom and not having had a father figure around I decided in my youth that I didn’t want to ever be a single mom myself, so I resigned myself to a future where there would be no children for me … of course the universe had other plans for me when Vince came into my life.

The more I grew to love him, the more clear it became he would be an incredible dad, and with that parenthood suddenly became a much more appealing possibility.

Several years later, I am still so proud to call him mine … but I am even more proud of the father he is to Charlotte.  Slow to anger, quick to laugh, eternally silly and not afraid to put flowers in her hair or choose a frilly, girly outfit to dress her in – he’s showing her every day what a good daddy should be.  To hear her squeals of delight when she hears him arrive at the end of his work day and to watch her power crawl to the door to meet him makes my heart simply explode with love for them both.

Charlotte chose the best “hadda” any girl could ask for, she is truly blessed! Father’s Day is so special this year!

Sue Davidson


As a Father you tick all the boxes, you are an incredible Dad and an awesome grandfather, we are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for being my Soulmate!



My dad

The Greatest gift, I ever had came from God, I call him Dad.