4 Steps to Organising Your Space

When I talk about my business and about what I do, I often get the same question: ‘where on earth do you begin?’. Well, it’s simple, really. Organising one’s spaces often seems like a very daunting task but so are most tasks, so here are a few of my handy tips that might help:

I decided on Sunday morning that it was time to do a closet clean out. I got a bucket of my lovely fragrant all-purpose cleaner, my vacuum, a stepladder (for us minis out there), a drying cloth, a bin and a donations bag.

STEP 1 – when doing an organizing session – have all your tools at hand; think of all the possible items you may need: markers, labels, notepad and pencil, a box for items that don’t belong in the space, a bottle of water (so that if you knock it over it doesn’t spill). Rather have too many than having to go off in search of a screwdriver to fix your shelf, cause that’s when distraction sets in. Keep them all together in one spot and put them back there when you have used them otherwise you will lose them amidst the organising!

So I started at the top of the cupboard (the idea is that all the dust and bits you wipe out don’t fall into the shelf below that you have just cleaned) pulling everything out and wiping it out – I discovered to my horror that there were orange spots on the underneath of the shelves, probably a kind of mildew, living in a humid climate, thankfully it came off with ease, as it was September when I did this last so the little spots didn’t have a chance to take up permanent residence!! I also made sure that I dried the shelves – otherwise the colour transfers or mildew grows. I was VERY proud of myself; I donated 3 or 4 handbags just from the top shelf!

Step 2 – PULL everything out! Put items for donation straight into the allocated box to prevent confusion and don’t just throw everything onto the floor, go through each item. It makes the packing away easier. Have piles for like items so you can see EXACTLY how much space you need.

Give the space a vacuum or clean out, mend screws or make a note of shelves or doors that need fixing. Make a note of things thrown out that need replacing.

Step 3 – Once the space is clean and dry, start putting back. Take the box of items that belong in other spaces and return them (I had some of my fiancé’s socks and a scarf that needed to be returned home. Make sure you fold your clothing wide and flat, tall thin piles of clothes topple over and drive everyone mad! I hang as much as possible in colour coordination (tops, dresses, jackets) my trousers hang too, I fold gym clothes and have boxes for my smalls and bras. I store my shoes in styles.

Step 4 – put tools away and marvel at your space!!!

I spent an hour doing my closet, granted it was just a clear out. But start small. Don’t start with a whole room, a cupboard will suffice, and when you have had success, then you will feel motivated to start the next job.

Reward yourself! You are triumphant! I had an Easter egg!

Try and donate your items asap, otherwise they take up root in your garage or you accidentally go through the items and start having second thoughts! Give yourself a week to donate the items and keep in mind that some charities collect too!

Happy Organising



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