Ina Louw – Independent Style Consultant with Miglio Designer Jewellery



Company Name

Independent Style Consultant with Miglio Designer Jewellery

Position in Company

Independent Consultant

Years in Business

Just started in September 2015

Describe what your company does in 2 sentences.

Miglio is proudly South African designer jewellery . Triple coated silver, Rose Gold, Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones & leather. Stylish, sophisticated or playful the choice is yours.

What is the first thing you do every morning?

Make a cup of tea and get back into bed and write my “Morning Pages”

What is the best business advice you ever received?

Never over promise and under deliver

Who would be your top three people to invite to dinner? Think celebrities, historical figures, whoever you like!

  • Maya Angelou
  • Gerard Butler
  • Andrea Borchelli

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be and why?

Yellow ( think happy)

What is your favourite place on Earth and why?

South Africa of course….filled with an tons of favourite places

Where do you see yourself in five year’s time?

Happy, fulfilled & successful . I believe in “You are exactly where you are meant to be right now”

Tell us one random thing that few people know about you

Hey, I am an open book & wear my heart on my sleeve so that’s not easy! But I guess it is …don’t piss (oops can your print that) me off ….there is another side of me.