Mentoring Tools

Mentoring Tools

Here are some tools that can easily be applied.


This is a useful tool for setting goals.

Specific: Set specific goals.
Measurable: How will this goal be measured?
Attainable: Ensure that the goal is achievable and attainable.
Realistic: Check that the goal is realistic and (or) relevant.
Time: By when will this goal be achieved?


The power to focus – The 4-D Solution

Dump it: Learn to say “No”. You may choose not to do. Learn to be firm.
Delegate it: Hand some tasks over to others.
Defer it: Defer the issue and schedule to do it at a later time.
Do it: Do it now if it is an important project. Do not make excuses.


The GROW model

There are various models to support the mentoring process. The GROW model is one that is simple yet powerful. There are four components:

Goals: To set clear goals for each mentoring session.
Reality: Checking in to understand the current situation.
Outcomes: Explore options and strategies or alternative courses of action.
Wrap-up: What is to be done? By when? By whom? Is there the will to do it?


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