Yamkela Nande Ndabeni – IYAMZO Projects and Fashion Designs

Position in Company
CEO & Founder

Years in Business

Describe what your company does in 2 sentences.
IYAMZO is a fashion Industry which does wedding gowns, suits for men & women, traditional wear, evening wear, matric dresses.

What is the first thing you do every morning?
I wake up and pray then prepare for work.

What is the best business advice you ever received?
Getting new customers is more costly then maintaining the old ones (customer relationship).

Who would be your top three people to invite to dinner? Think celebrities, historical figures, whoever you like!

1.My Church Bishop and My Lady Bishop
2.Mr Peter Munns/Mr Thabani Zulu (the authors of business books).
3.Women In Business, ilembe chamber of commerce and tourism & KZN Fashion Council.

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be and why?
White.because white represents light, In my business, family, finances, in everything that is connected to me.

What is your favourite place on Earth and why?
London, because it is very beautiful and it is a place you have to visit someday.

Where do you see yourself in five year’s time?
I see myself married, my business receiving R100,000 per month and having a factory retail store.

Tell us one random thing that few people know about you.
I am creative & love people.