April 2016 Meeting


Breaking Barriers

Nazereen Bhana is a proudly Deaf woman, who is the co-founder and Executive Member of eDeaf (Employ and Empower Deaf).  eDeaf is a Small/Medium Enterprise with over 50 staff members, most of whom are Deaf.  Nazereen will be sharing her story of her road to business success in spite of her deafness, as well as a very personal account of some challenges faced not only by her, but as the Deaf community as a whole.

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Guest Speaker: Nazereen Bhana

Nazereen Bhana is the Executive Member of Employ and Empower Deaf (commonly known as eDeaf).

Nazereen is a well regarded and highly respected role model within the Deaf community of South Africa and has been servicing the community for 13 years.  She was also Chairperson of the largest Deaf organization of South Africa (DeafSA for 15 years) so she has deep insight into the needs of this community.

She is passionate about seeing Deaf people reach their true potential and empowering them to succeed through education and personal self-development.

In the past, Nazereen worked as a field presenter, editor, director and anchor on National TV for a Deaf TV programme called Signature. She recently featured in the February edition of Leadership Magazine.