Nominations for the 2023 Charity

The charity that is finally elected will receive all profits generated by KZNWIB in 2023. The organization must be a registered NPO/Charity, and its main area of focus must be in KZN.

  • Please be clear about why you feel this charity deserves to be our beneficiary. The reasons you give below are what will be sent out on the email asking people to vote, so it is vitally important that what you say connects with our members.
As a non-profit organisation, KZNWIB recognises its social responsibility. Each year, we support a charity. 
The Members are responsible for nominating the charity of choice. Nominations for the charity will occur every year or annually, and the charity may not be eligible to be re-elected for 2 years or 2 consecutive terms. 
Once a charity’s term of 1 calendar year is complete, it will only be eligible for nomination after 2 terms (two years) following its single term.
Funds for the charity are raised at each meeting and Members receive monthly updates on the charity’s projects.
Profits raised will be paid over to the Charity in December of the same year of their term after all required deductions as stipulated in section 10.8 of the constitution have been made.