Chairlady’s Musings: June

You are not everybody’s cup of tea!

And that is perfectly ok. Raise of hands, how many people pleasers here today? I am in the recovering stages of being one and still feel rejection very deeply.

I have found that setting personal and business boundaries have helped a lot. That way the people that don’t like you or your product/service will slowly move along and find their people. Not every client is going to be your client. There are so many factors at play here like:

Your actual product is not something they want or need.

Your service is not right for their type of business.

Your price is not right for their budget or perceived value.

Your work does not align with their message (not the other way around, it is not you).

Your style is different from what they have in mind (as a photographer my style is natural and true to real life, so if I client is looking for heavily edited arty type photos, I am not their girl).

I am sure there are many more samples that are industry related to you.

So it is not you, it just is what it is. Obviously there will be situations where two people just don’t connect at all and if you continue with this client it will be a very difficult road ahead. So we are back to what I have mentioned previously, it is ok to fire clients. But hopefully you get to a stage where you know if you can work with or for someone before the work start and rather say no to a job than have to back out or fire the client later on.

Often when I go and have coffee with my daughter we will admire the differences in each person walking past. Pretty much each person that walks past is different, and that is the way it should be. The same is for business and clients. We are all different and have different needs so it is just natural that we won’t want and need what the next person wants or needs. And that is just it. So the sooner you make peace with that on your business journey the easier it will be to accept that not everyone is going to like you or your product.

Any case, there are many more interesting things other than tea, like Amarula, wine and lattes. Find your favourites and serve them well.