Bianca Johnson – Leavit2Me


What is the name of your business and what is your role? I am the newest Concierge Consultant with Leavit2Me. I am also responsible for sales and marketing, and growing the business in KZN.

 Describe your business in two sentences. Leavit2Me is a professional concierge and errand service that gives the most precious commodity to our clients – TIME. We cater for large companies with in-house concierge services; Small & Medium companies with concierge services on retainer; and private clients and entrepreneurs with once-off concierge services.

 How long have you been in business? Leavit2Me was started by Helga Wild in 2007. The company dealt mainly with individual clients and signed Derivco as a corporate client soon after. Umhlanga Hospital signed on as a corporate client a year later. In 2011 Helga had the opportunity to work overseas and Leavit2Me was acquired by Nic Nortje of NKR. Leavit2Me has 1 permanent in-house concierge on staff, and is now focusing on expanding the business.

 How did you get into this business? My husband works at Derivco and loves the service that Leavit2Me offers. When I heard of an opportunity with the company I jumped at the chance to join them. I have spent 10 years in the travel industry and I was looking for a position that was more flexible, but still gave me the thrill of making people’s dreams come true.

What makes you go to work in the morning? I love that every day in this business is different. I love meeting and engaging new people and I’m really looking forward to all the special relationships that I will build with future clients and suppliers.

 What is your favourite part of your work day? My favourite part of my day is logging into our social media channels and connecting with all our current and future clients. And then going through the errands for the day, to see what exciting things I have to do today!

 Your secret to business success is? Focus on making clients happy. If they are happy they will spread the word about what you do. If they are unhappy, the word will spread faster and wider! Relationships are more important than profits in the long run.

 What is your business goal for 2013? My goal is to see Leavit2Me grow to be the most well known concierge service in Durban. We plan to sign 5 more Small & Medium businesses as retainer clients, and to have more individual clients that use us on an ad hoc basis.