Lynsey Hammond – Expand a Sign

Lynsey Hammond
  1. What is the name of your business and what is your role? Expand a Sign International. I am the Digital Marketing Manager and Sharon de Beer is the Marketing Manager.
  2. Describe your business in two sentences. We are the industry leaders in portable branding solutions and make a wide range of banners, advertising signs and gazebos for indoor and outdoor use. Our products are quick to set up and are lightweight and compact so they can be moved from event to event to get your branding seen where it counts.
  3. How long have you been in business? Expand a Sign started in 1987.
  4. Why did you start this business? Initially the business made pop up tents and one day a customer asked if we could print their brand on it. So we did and the business of portable branding was born. The rest is history. Expand a Sign was one of the first in the industry and we now supply more than 50 countries internationally. Our flagship product is the teardrop-shaped Flying Banner which we created and we have a number of other products we developed so we pride ourselves on being innovators of new branding solutions.
  5. What makes you go to work in the morning? Expand a Sign is full of happy,motivated people which makes it a great place to work. We are all proud of the quality and innovation behind Expand a Sign and it’s good to be a part of it.
  6. What is your favourite part of your work day? Sending out the leads from the web to the sales force – it shows our digital marketing efforts are working.
  7. Your secret to business success? 100% Commitment to providing both internal and external customers with the best quality and service.
  8. What is your business goal for 2013? Continue to develop our business in the USA and to tap into the African market – both still have incredible growth opportunities for us. We also aim to continue leading the market in innovative products.